Saturday, August 9, 2008

2nd Day Of Vocals

Kip taking a picture of Tony filming Annette singing.

Annette at work at Chessington Synth Labs

Annette laying it down.


Yesterday Tony wrote a electro dance track while I was starting this blog. Annette already had a lyrical idea but had to make it work for the track.

Our working method, so far, is to leave Annette alone as she tweaks her lyrics and melodies. So we left... I bought a shirt with a rat and a pidgen hugging. When we got back Annette had almost finished recording the keeper vocal to the song. A few o dubs and that vocal was finished.

This song does seem like a candidate for a music video.... so.... I've got some work to do in the future.

Tony wrote another song while Kirk and I went to get the evenings meal - Pizza and Gyros. Annette declared the Gyros to be the food winner of the evening.

If it sounds like Tony is a prolific songwriter and Annette can write and sing her vocals at a blistering pace... we'll that's because that's the way this Venus Hum thing works.