Friday, August 15, 2008

Tracking Session Video!

Hi All,

It's Tony here with another video to document our progress.

This time you'll see Kip and his might Arp 2600 synthesizer. This is definitely one of Kip's favorite pieces in the studio. It's a semi-modular synth from the early 1970s, and is great for using as a FX box... this time Kip is modulating some drum sounds coming from his computer. We recorded a bunch of improvisations and later will pick and choose the bits we want to use... maybe only a second or two of audio will be used and the rest will wind up on the cutting room floor- but that is just part of the process! The idea is to set up a situation for the always elusive 'happy accident' to occur.

Please keep checking in... there are going to be plenty more videos to come!

Venus Hum sessions 2008_Kip + the Arp2600 from Tony Miracle on Vimeo.


Jonathan Murtaugh said...

I was digging through, looking for signs of life that you guys were still together and recording. I got more panicky each time I clicked on a blog or other link that went nowhere. You have no idea how excited I am to have found this new blog. There's water on Mars!

Can't wait to hear your new stuff. God bless.

The Smiths said...

Amazing what one can do to earn a living these days! Life is good! Onward Venus Hum!