Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Annette in the studio #2


Here's another video of Annette in the studio. She's working out the vocal parts to a new song with the working title "Dance". For much of these sessions it's just easier to set up the vocal chain right next to the Pro-Tools rig and let Annette run the machine herself, skipping the middle-man (which is usually me or Kip). That way we can avoid those annoying "take me back to just before the 2nd chorus... actually it's the 1st chorus... wait you've gone back too far!!" kind of conversations that are the hallmark of making modern records!

For those who are interested in the techie side of things, this is a pretty standard vocal chain that we use- Blue Kiwi mic, into an Amek (by Neve) pre-amp, into a Tubetech compressor and then into Pro-Tools. At this stage we are trying not to color the sound of Annette's voice too much, just make it clean and hot and somewhat stable in the track. Later, we'll run it though all kinds of effects and processors to re-shape it.

More nerdy stuff to come so stay tuned!

Venus Hum sessions 2008_NYC vocal recording #2 from Tony Miracle on Vimeo.


Kelly said...

These videos are making my week.
The snips and clips of lyrics, the tease of the new beats...

I can't wait.

Roscoe said...

It is cool to see all of you back at work on new music.

When are you ever returning to Tampa?