Monday, September 1, 2008

"Final" Mixes

Just downloaded the new tracks form Tony.

Rarely are these mixes "final" but it does feel good to have three under our belts.

Tony and I are writing this week.... he in OH and me in TN. Annette's working on lyrics for the songs we fleshed out while in Queens.

Next week we'll tackle the new ideas... he's really good and making something really special out of my ideas... so is Annette.

Then we'll ship those to queens for Annette to finish.


Rio said...

You know, I had a weird dream last night. I'd gone out for an Italian dinner, and came back to find my car covered in show, smashed up, tyres punctured, and my boot (trunk) filled with baked beans. And then randomly I meet you three, and somehow we end up taking some kind of road trip together singing the chorus to William's Last Day At Work.

Don't ask...

Rio said...

Whoops, that's "snow," not "show."

. said...

hola chicos, los amo

y soy feliz escuchándolos

are you coming to mexico someday?

les deseo mucha suerte y mucha más inspiración para este año

gracias por su música :)

Anonymous said...

More info, please.